Open JTAG Project

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The latest files:

Please read the License Document before download files.

USB-Blaster compatibility:

To get USB-Blaster compatibility with our hardware, download and program the CPLD with the Kolja Waschk VHDL project.

This option make OpenJTAG full USB-Blaster compatible. Was tested using an EPM1270 CPLD as target and, of course, with the EPM570 CPLD, both from Altera Corporation. Please note that the OpenJTAG project and the Kolja Waschk project are DIFFERENT.

Remember to change the EEPROM USB VID/PID, product description and manufacturer name using the FTProg utility from FTDI site at (


Older files (for reference only)


Click the links to download Open JTAG project files.

Please read the License Document before download files.

Software version 1.1 (the current version).

Hardware board version 1.1 (the current board).


  1. Add R22 (10K) to oscillator enable pin as pull-up
  2. Change 2 MAX3378E by 2 Texas TXB0104 to improve speed
  3. Change LED power from +5V to +VCCIO

Hardware board version 1.0:

VHDL version 1.0:

Software version 1.0:


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